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This gallery presents some photographs of Patrice Calégari.
Every photo is developped on paper and scanned.
No digital effect is added.
Captions are all written in English and in French.
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The pages are best viewed with a 800x600 pixel resolution (or higher). It is adviced to hide the toolbars (standard, address, navigation, location, etc.) of the browser. This can be done from the menu View.
In order to speed up the access to each page, no visual gadget was used and file size was reduced as much as possible (except very few photos):
  • Small photos: 74x111 pixels, jpeg format, size 3ko à 6ko

  • Large photos: 325x490 pixels, jpeg format, size 20ko à 50ko
The following information is available on the home page of the virtual gallery for each group of photos:
  • Subject of the photographs
  • Location (where the photos were taken)
  • Country (facultative)
  • Date (when the photos were taken)
  • number of photographs exposed in the gallery on this subject
  • type of photo: colour ooo or black and white ooo.
All this site (including web pages, photos, files, logos, etc.) is copyrighted Patrice Calégari.
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